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(Crazy) People On A Train

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

(This is the first of what I’ve labelled “Retro Blog” posts, which basically just means it’s something I wrote some time ago, on paper, and I’ve transcribed it for the blog. I decided to keep the tense how I originally wrote it.)

September 12, 2010 Sunday


That’s where this one starts, with waffles. ¬†Shannon is home for a little while between stops on The Carefree Gypsy Roadshow, and I haven’t seen her for some time. Last night we were supposed to go bowling, but as the evening rolled on, we were both too tired to be arsed to actually go bowling. I was up medium early for a Sunday (re: before 9 am) and saw she was online. In the course of “Hey, how ya doing! Long time!” conversation, I mentioned I wanted chorizo. She countered with wanting waffles. And thus was the genesis of today’s adventure.