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Micro Blog #001: Stop It, Hollywood

(Welcome to the first of the Micro Blog posts! Originally I was going to post a post with Actual Content, but I ended up having to fix some blog related administrative issues first, so instead, you get this)

I saw a rumor that Hollywood is planning yet another Robin Hood movie, and Will Smith is listed as potentially playing the titular character.  This immediately brings two things to mind:

1. Do we REALLY need another Robin Hood movie? We just had the Russell Crowe version, didn’t we? Isn’t there like a five year statute of limitations on another one?


2. Will Smith?  Really?  Will Smith as Robin Hood? And yes, my issue with this is “because he’s black.” I have nothing against Will Smith as an entertainer, he makes good movies, a lot of his music doesn’t totally suck. But for those of you that flunked Basic Literature and Folklore 101, Robin Hood is a character from 13th – 16th century England.  I’m not certain how much artistic license you can invoke before your disbelief fails to be suspended any longer and crashes to the ground like an arrow shot straight up from a longbow. It’s either that, or you do a “re-imagining” and it suddenly becomes an urban story with gang members and stealing from corrupt politicians and that is all too hackneyed and trite and stereotypical. Because, you know…. He be robbin’…. in tha hood. Get it?

Okay, I’m sure it won’t be nearly that bad, and I imagine it will probably be entertaining.  Like I said, Will Smith makes good movies, I cannot recall anything he has done that I didn’t like. I mean, I even liked Hancock, which seems to be one of Mr. Smith’s least liked movies. But Will Smith as Robin Hood is nothing that I will feel a burning urge to go see, I’ll probably wait for it to hit Netflix.

And it could be worse. Will could be attached to the steaming pile of fecal matter that is Yogi Bear, and we’d get “Ranger Rap” over the end credits…

I was hanging at a picnic in the park, Jellystone
With a basket full of goodies, how could I have known
There was a rustling in the woods just right over there
Who’s that in a tie? Yo! It’s a bear
Yo yo yo Yogi!
Yo yo yo Yogi Bear

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3 Responses to “Micro Blog #001: Stop It, Hollywood”

  1. suz says:

    The best movie Will Smith ever made was Men In Black. Enough said! 🙂

  2. Matt K says:

    I demand Bobby Lee be cast as Azeem.

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